Yesterday, I heard a netizen complain that he also wants to exercise and has customized his exercise plan according to the method I mentioned earlier in the Keep app. However, unfortunately, when it's time to exercise every day, he just wants to lie flat.

Because I also emerged from this state, I can understand this netizen's complaints, which mainly occur in people who have just started exercising.
Although I don't know how to explain this phenomenon in professional kinematics, I personally prefer to attribute it to inertia, which is not only a problem of transitioning from a "non moving state" to a "moving state", but may also break your decades old routine and make you feel uncomfortable because you have to allocate 10 to 30 minutes of exercise every day.
However, the most important thing is that you may not have deliberately exercised for decades. Starting to exercise now naturally requires some time to adapt, and when you completely complete this adaptation, you may feel uncomfortable when not exercising, and even feel guilty on the "rest day" we mentioned earlier. This is a normal experience.
Let's talk about some positive methods - quick adjustment of state. I think the most effective way is to use the power of music, which is also my own personal experience. So until now, I have started playing some confident music before every exercise to let my spirit enter the state of exercise first.
Today, I would like to recommend a playlist that I am currently using:

1.Masked Heroes
2.Legend of Heroes(accompany)
3.Tears of The Sun
5.Beautiful Now
7.Remember Our Summer

Among the above music, there are both pure music and songs, and my favorite one is still despair, which is the background music for many short videos.
In addition to these pure music and English songs, some people may want to listen to some Chinese songs. In fact, I personally feel that DJ versions of Chinese songs are acceptable, but don't look for a "slow shake" style unless you want to dance square dancing.
Currently, there are only 3 Chinese songs on my playlist:

1. The Last Person (DJ)
2. Big deal, start over (DJ)
3. No repair (DJ)

In fact, in most DJ versions of songs, we mainly rely on its rhythm when exercising, so there is no need to carefully appreciate the lyrics. Like the second song I mentioned earlier, there is only one slogan - "It's not a big deal to start over.".
I mainly keep this playlist in two places. One is the Xiaomi smart speaker at home, which can be used for indoor sports.

When doing outdoor sports, initially I would save it on my phone, but even with a lightweight phone, it is not convenient to carry it outdoors. Therefore, later on, I chose bone conduction headphones with built-in music storage function.

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