Because I have already entered the stage of training my own strength, I will seize the time to share some of the experience accumulated during the previous weight loss period, and then check in according to my current fitness plan to share progress, results, and feelings.
The previous article mentioned that I used the Keep app throughout my weight loss process, and also introduced which exercise plans to choose in the early stages. However, the training plans in Keep now provide more customization space in terms of exercise time, allowing users to choose their own exercise and rest time.
In the early stages, most of the training plans in Keep were fixed by the system for training and rest time, and were basically:

Training for two days → Rest for one day → Training for three days → Rest for one day... Cycle

After selecting a training plan in Keep, you can freely set the training time and rest days. If there is enough time, I also recommend following this training mode.
I also recommend a training time setting plan that I set myself later on:

Train for a day → Rest for a day → Train for a day → Rest for a day... Cycle

If you must recommend a plan, I suggest that if you are just starting to exercise and need to lose more than 10 pounds, choose the first plan, which is:

Training for two days → Rest for one day → Training for three days → Rest for one day... Cycle

When you lose weight close to your target weight (for example, only about 5 pounds less than your target weight), you may encounter a bottleneck, and I suggest replacing it with:

Train for a day → Rest for a day → Train for a day → Rest for a day... Cycle

If you need to lose less than 10 pounds but do not have a foundation in exercise, it is also recommended to choose the first plan initially. After completing one training plan (about a month) and adapting to your exercise rhythm, switch to the second plan.

I have seen my friends go through two extreme training time plans before:
1. Exercise from Monday to Friday, rest on Saturdays and Sundays
2. Rest from Monday to Friday (work), exercise on Saturdays and Sundays

The former is very not recommended. This type of training schedule is common for many people who are eager to lose weight, and the training intensity is arranged very high every day. However, in reality, on the one hand, it is easy to cause damage to their body, and on the other hand, this plan is also very difficult to adhere to, especially for people who are generally heavy and have no active exercise experience, it is difficult to persist.
The latter has a very long cycle and is easy to give up, especially in the early stages of exercise, because your body is more accustomed to a comfortable rest state. You only train two days a week and rest for five days, which may be delayed by a Saturday or Sunday gathering with friends or other things, leading to the same rest for the next five days of the week. However, by the second Saturday or Sunday, your body is no longer willing to exercise, It's not far to completely give up the basic distance.
In addition to setting training days/rest days, the time for each exercise can also be set in Keep.

For example, if you set a weight loss target of 10 pounds and choose the duration of each exercise,

If you choose around 10 minutes, it may take two months to complete the plan;
If you choose around 10-20 minutes, it may take a month and a half to complete the plan;
If you choose around 20-30 minutes, it may take a month to complete the plan.

At this point, do not choose the highest gear of 20-30 minutes. Since I started keeping, I have never chosen a gear of 20-30 minutes. In the initial stage, it is recommended to choose the lowest 10 minute gear. After persisting for a week, if you feel that the exercise intensity is good, continue to stick to this gear. If you feel too relaxed, you can adjust to 10-20 minutes.
In fact, a maximum of 30 minutes per day is enough. Many times, we feel very tired after a day of work and don't want to exercise anymore. If you are a mental worker, when you are tired, your brain is actually tired. Play some passionate music, adjust your mental state, and do mindless exercise for 10-20 minutes. Taking a hot shower can actually relax your brain.

Of course, since you are already reading this article, I believe you have already strengthened your confidence in exercising and fitness. The main point of this article is to express the setting of "rest days" in the training plan. Some people are eager to achieve success and engage in intense exercise in TV dramas, which I strongly do not recommend. Only by keeping your muscles in a tense and relaxed state can you better burn fat and work for you.