While I am not a certified fitness professional, I have been an avid exerciser since the latter half of 2014, totaling around 7 years of consistent practice. Excluding a 3-year hiatus, I have amassed approximately 3-4 years of dedicated exercise experience. The inspiration behind this blog stems from my accumulated knowledge and insights over the years in the realms of sports, fitness, and even nutrition. It also serves as a chronicle of my personal fitness journey. If these shared experiences can prove beneficial to individuals seeking similar guidance, it would be an immense pleasure.

Before delving into specific content, I would like to clarify certain aspects beforehand:

Firstly, I have never been a gym member and have always opted for home-based workouts. In future articles, I will elaborate on my reasons for avoiding gym memberships.

Secondly, I firmly believe in establishing a clear purpose before embarking on any endeavor. Without a compelling reason, maintaining long-term consistency can be challenging, especially for activities like sports and fitness that demand unwavering self-discipline.

Analogously, running on an endless road without a designated finish line can be demotivating, even for individuals with exceptional running capabilities. Similarly, in the absence of a clear objective, exercising can lose its appeal.

Upon graduating from college in 2014, my weight approached 160 pounds, despite my modest height of 170cm. This height-to-weight ratio undoubtedly placed me in the overweight category. Hence, my initial fitness goal was weight loss.

Admittedly, I was initially unaware of the distinctions between weight loss and fat loss. Even if I had been, I firmly believed that weight loss was the most appropriate goal for my situation.

For individuals struggling with severe overweight, the primary focus should be on reducing overall weight. Concerns regarding water, fat, or muscle loss can be addressed later, once a healthy weight range is achieved.