It is said that losing weight is a lifelong career for women, but today, with the gradual improvement of living standards, men are also starting to pursue a good physique. Although it may not necessarily be the same muscle lines as bodybuilders, at least it is the standard to look neither fat nor thin and without fat accumulation.
In the past weight loss process, people have created various weight loss methods such as dieting and medication. However, based on the actual effects and rebound probability of various weight loss methods currently available, exercise weight loss is still the healthiest and safest weight loss method. Even if it is not for weight loss, moderate exercise is still beneficial to physical health. Many people understand this principle, but just want to persist in exercise, It's not an easy task either.
The gym is a very professional fitness venue, but it does not mean that everyone needs to go to the gym to exercise to lose weight. Dale has been exercising at home since graduating from college, and the best result during this period is losing about 30 pounds in three months.

When I was about to graduate from university, I weighed nearly 160 pounds at that time; After graduating from college, I worked out at home for 3 months and lost weight to about 125 pounds.
After losing weight, due to not persisting in exercise and starting to overeat, by the end of 2019, my weight had once again reached around 150 pounds.

However, due to my experience in losing weight through exercise, I have now lost another 130 pounds. During this weight loss process, I only used two tools - Keep Fitness software and Switch's "Ring Fit Adventure". I believe these two tools are used by many people, at least many people have heard of them. However, what is the difference in weight loss effectiveness between the two software tools? Can Switch's Ring Fit Adventure, as a sports and sensory game, have a weight loss effect? Dale dedicated two months of experience testing.

Test plan:
Exercise every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and rest at other times
Single exercise duration: 20-30 minutes

Ring Fit Adventure
Ring Fit Adventure is a somatosensory game launched by Switch, which features a series of "monster fighting" levels. The method of "monster fighting" is to use accessories - fitness rings to perform designated movements, allowing players to engage in fitness activities during the game. In the first month, I used Ring Fit Adventure for weight loss testing.

If you haven't played Ring Fit Adventure before, it's hard to imagine that the game's design throughout the entire process is very tailored to professional fitness software. For example, before starting a formal challenge, there will be prompts for warm-up exercises.
After each exercise, it will also prompt whether to engage in stretching and relaxation exercises.

If the purpose of using Ring Fit Adventure is to lose weight, not just for gaming, then I suggest that you do both warm-up exercises and stretching relaxation. The former can reduce the risk of sports injuries during the formal gaming process, while the latter can help the muscles that have been exercised relax and rest.
In addition, after each game, there will be some small knowledge about exercise or diet. It is also recommended to learn more.

In the formal game process, Ring Fit Adventure has designed multiple "worlds", each with multiple task levels. The sports movements involved during this time are also frequently used in the fitness process, such as bending knees, lying on the back, lifting knees, clapping, jumping, squatting, etc. In fact, during the "monster fighting" process, it is equivalent to a simple exercise plan.

In terms of exercise duration, as I mentioned earlier, I exercise 4 times a week (not continuously) for 20-30 minutes each time. During the experience of Ring Fit Adventure, I usually control it at around 30 minutes, but I always complete the most recent level. For example, if I have been exercising for 30 minutes but am in a certain level, I will not exit. Instead, I will exit after completing this level, which will basically add about 2-3 minutes.

It should be noted that during the game, there will be an exercise timer in the bottom left corner, which only records the time you exercise. If you stand still after entering the game, the timer below will not continue to count.

After 4 weeks of exercise, compare the weight loss effects:
The weight before exercise is 66.4kg, the weight after exercise is 65.6kg, and the weight loss is 0.8kg.
The pre exercise fat percentage is 17.9%, and the post exercise fat percentage is 17.4%, a decrease of 0.5%.

As one of the earliest fitness applications in China, Keep has become a well-known fitness guidance application. Its advantage is that it can provide professional fitness plans. During the experience testing process, I chose Keep in the second month.
Keep's exercise plans can be divided into two types: one is a completely fixed set of plans (which can also be subdivided into different exercise plans such as muscle gain, fat loss, and plasticity), and the other is "personalized customization". Simply fill in your height, weight, and exercise experience to automatically determine whether you are suitable for muscle gain or fat loss. At the same time, provide targeted exercise plans based on your exercise experience and other dimensions, I chose this "personalized" exercise plan in the test.

It provides a 5-week exercise schedule, but I still chose a 4-day, 20-30 minute daily exercise plan. Due to individual differences in physical fitness, the specific movements in Keep's exercise plan are also different. Therefore, I will not elaborate on the specific movements. The weekly exercise schedule is still on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Weighing test after 4 weeks of exercise and comparison of weight loss effects:
The weight before exercise is 66.5kg, and the weight after exercise is 65kg, resulting in a weight loss of 1.5kg.
The pre exercise fat percentage is 17.7%, and the post exercise fat percentage is 16.9%, a decrease of 0.8%.

After two months of experimentation, it is evident that both Keep and Fitness Ring Adventure can aid in weight loss and fat reduction. However, when compared side-by-side, Keep demonstrates a more pronounced effect. This observation is further supported by the slightly higher exercise intensity experienced during Keep workouts compared to Fitness Ring Adventure. Nonetheless, Fitness Ring Adventure still proves effective in achieving weight loss goals. For those seeking weight loss through Fitness Ring Adventure, rest assured that it is a viable option.
It is important to note that both Keep and Fitness Ring Adventure serve as tools for personalized exercise plans. Unlike professional gym trainers who provide direct supervision, these apps do not monitor every movement or enforce adherence to the exercise plan. Therefore, self-discipline plays a crucial role in achieving optimal results.
Regarding dietary considerations, those solely focused on weight loss, rather than pursuing sculpted muscles, need not overcomplicate their food choices. Simply avoiding overeating is sufficient.
If possible, it is recommended to halve the usual portion of staple foods and increase chewing time during meals. For instance, if one Mantou typically induces satiety, start with half a Mantou. If hunger persists, add another quarter. This approach promotes satiety without excessive consumption. Additionally, incorporating more vegetables and fruits into the diet is beneficial.

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