The previous article introduced the unarmed strength training I am currently doing - "Elementary Gymnastics: The Origins of Superman". Some readers are very interested in it, and through the comment section or private message, they want to request a detailed plan. However, in reality, there are still many details about this plan. Therefore, starting from this article, I will introduce in detail each movement of the training plan for the first four weeks of "Elementary Gymnastics: The Origins of Superman" through my personal experience.
Before starting the introduction, let me add a side note. After the previous article was pushed, some netizens asked me to share photos and see my training results. In fact, I don't really like sharing photos, and I don't even like taking photos. At the same time, I don't like to show off anything, but if I have to, I can also include a full photo of my arm!


Don't compare me with professional fitness enthusiasts. The reason why I don't want to expose myself in various ways is simple:
I don't like comparison, just do what you need to do well. Whether it's fitness or earning money, there are always people who work harder, have a better physique, and have more money than you, so there's no need to show off.
Next, let's get to the main topic. In the previous article, I only took a photo of my printed plan, and some of the specific actions were not clear. This time, I made the table into a picture and put it out. If necessary, you can also print it out and paste it in a visible position every day.


I will also follow the order of this plan to explain the following actions in detail, which is basically as follows:

Introduction to warm-up movements
Day 1 Action Introduction
Introduction to actions on the second day
Introduction to actions on the third day
Introduction to Closing Actions

Through 5 articles, you can introduce the first 4 weeks of training plan for "Beginner Gymnastics: The Origin of Superman", which is the introductory training plan. Today, this article will first talk about "1. Introduction to Warming Up Actions".
The training for "Beginner Gymnastics: The Origin of Superman" is mainly focused on the arms, so warm-up is also focused on the arms. The first four movements can be understood as chest expansion exercises in radio gymnastics when we were in school, but we need to pay attention to the orientation of the palms.





The four movements are aimed at moving the arms and warming up the shoulders. It should be noted that regardless of the direction of the palm, the arms should try their best or even expand the chest, rather than curling up and opening the body.
The following two "circle" movements are intended to make the shoulders more flexible, including the final neck rotation, without any special emphasis. However, during the "circle", it is also necessary to try to straighten the arms as much as possible.




Finally, let me talk about the timing issue for each action. The plan requires 15 seconds for each action, but sometimes such a short time is not worth timing. Therefore, I usually do the first 4 actions 10 times each, circle 8 times each, or the first 4 actions 15 times each, circle 10 times each, and rotate the neck clockwise and counterclockwise 2 times each.
Don't be fooled by the simple warm-up routine. At the beginning, I believe your arms are sore. Let's ignite it, little ones~